Who We Are

Some people say its L.A.’s most romantic restaurant and you may become engaged, even married here and celebrate your 50th. Forewarned is forearmed and you are now on your own recognizance…..but first a bit of history. Originally, the Inn’s location was rumored to have first been a meeting place of the Chumash Indians at the sacred intersection of 2 creeks. Then, it may have been Aimee Semple McPherson’s private retreat in the 1930’s, later becoming the site for Topanga’s first church. Afterwards, it became a feed store, then a gas station/garage and auto junk yard, an eyesore on Topanga’s crossroads of an eclectic culture of artists, musicians and hippies, counter culture lifestyle seekers, along with families just wanting to live having the energy of nature around their family.

In 1973 the property was discovered by the present owners and restored to its natural beauty. Over the passing years the Inn became a place to retreat and a must go destination restaurant. From the beginning, the Inn believed in giving guests the purest of Nature’s foods, energized as a gift from the sun with a dash of esoteric food knowledge and ancient mystery school wisdom tossed in for your seasoning and pleasure. Food might just raise the body’s light vibration and the extra work does cost more, but in the long run, this way ofliving and eating may prove less expensive in time, energy and health lost. Your body elemental, will jump for joy when dining here as you celebrate your step on the restorative path of healthful dining.

Most foods and grains are seasonal organic or come from local farms, some of whom are part of the farmer’s market on Fridays in our lower parking lot. Foods are prepared using the healthy oils: olive, nut, palm, coconut and in some dishes finished with just a bit of butter. Our meat and fish are slow cooked in water temperatures that do not exceed 180 degrees saving the body the oxidative fallout from searing in hot oils or cooking at high temperatures. Our water is first treated by reverse osmosis to remove fluoride and other chemicals, then alkalized for your healing. We are continuing our research to bring you produce from farms not using GMO seeds or sprays and finding GMO free products.

Our chicken and beef are raised naturally and grass fed. Our fish wild or line-caught. Sauces are made with minimal use of dairy products. We prepare most all foods on premises with no food colorings, preservatives, refined sugars, flours, or chemicals. Most of our breads and all of our desserts are baked in house. Besides a diverse wine list we offer a large selection of Organic and Biodynamic wines and offer a unique beverage in the form of a fermented elixir called Jun.

The food is prepared with the greatest of care and creativity and charged with the vibration of the violet flame of the Seventh Ray for perhaps your personal transportation to a higher plane. To know more, do visit our bookstore, The Spiral Staircase, located at the top of the stairs. Dining creek-side at the Inn with the cradle of the Santa Monica mountains, next to Topanga Creek, is an enchanting experience. Please dine unhurried and partake of the angelic vibrations, to experience a timelessness of what can become the coming culture of this new golden age.


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